For over 15 years, Leisure Farms Construction Ltd. has been a full service, 365-day contractor based in Northern Ontario. We have been providing exceptional expertise with design, site layout, architecture and management of installing and erecting pre-engineered buildings into custom designed structures to suit our clients’ specifications. Our unmatched versatility and mobility gives us the ability to build locally and in remote locations throughout the province of Ontario and fully meet our clients’ needs.

Our mandate is to provide superior workmanship and as such we are aligned with the best pre-engineered-building suppliers and only employ the best tradesmen in their respective fields to achieve superior results. We maintain a high level of safety, quality, planning & meeting and/or exceeding our clients’ projects and schedules as we take a vested interest in helping our clients build success.

Our LFC team has the experience, knowledge and expertise to install and erect any pre-engineered building to suit your expectations and custom-specifications. Our workmanship is unparalleled and our LFC team work together efficiently with fine-tune precision. Our LFC team is comprised of millwright certified workers, in addition to veteran-skilled welders, detail-driven carpenters and various other fine-skilled tradesmen who are highly focused, dedicated and well-versed in their respective field. You can be assured that every design project is met with a strong desire for success and our LFC team is very proud of our achievements and the finished builds. 


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